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Breanne Espina

Breanne Espina

Where is she from?

  • Hauppauge, NY (Long Island)
  • What is her favorite kitchen utensil?

  • Spork!
  • Who is she?

  • Breanne is a Senior Television-Radio major returning from a summer in Los Angeles interning with NFL Network. When she’s not in the Park School you can probably find her at her job in Peggy Ryan Willams, playing club soccer, or eating somewhere in Ithaca. Bree has been on the executive staff since the Spring 2013 semester. She previously served as the Director of Programming. If you see her around campus, make sure you stop her to say hi!

  • What does the Station Manager do?

    The Station Manager is the lead student-managing position of ICTV and oversees every aspect of the station’s programming and operations.

    Essential Duties

    • Act as a liason between the Manager of TV and Radio Operations and ICTV student producers, volunteers, and executive staff
    • Develop a long-term vision for the station and work with ICTV members to realize those goals
    • Work with the Manager of TV and Radio Operations in exploring purchases for the station
    • Chair executive staff meetings and producers’ meetings
    • Work with the Executive Staff to address address all concerns in the oversight of the entire station
    • Work towards designing and enforcing fair policies and guidelines in the administration of the station
    • Coordinate the semiannual ICTV Rush Recruitment Nights as well as other station functions (i.e. Just Deserts, end of semester socials, etc.)
    • Act as a resource to all ICTV Executive Staff, producers, and personnel to provide assistance, guidance, and support where needed
    • Ensure cohesion amongst Executive Staff and producers to further station goals
    • Make recommendations to the ICTV executive staff on strategies and episode submissions for competitions and industry awards
    • Serve as member of the ICTV execute staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff