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Blaise Bookis

Blaise Bookis

Where is he from?

  • Acton, MA


What is his favorite kitchen utensil?

  • Spork!


Who is he?

  • Blaise’s interest in sports television production began in the fall of his junior year of high school. Following a difficult back injury from the prior year, he felt out-matched by his former soccer teammates. Blaise knew that he no longer had the physical ability to keep pace, but still wanted to be an active member of the club. Shortly afterwards, Blaise discovered local television opportunities and realized that he could actively support his team in a new way.

What does the Sports Director do?

The Sports Director oversees ICTV’s various sports shows along with coordinating and aiding ICTV sports producers.

Essential Duties:

  • Ensure cohesive and professional broadcasts for all sports programming on ICTV
  • Appoint producers for all ICTV sports shows
  • Lead a weekly Sports Department meeting to coordinate producers, videographers, reporters, and media for use in multiple broadcasts
  • Recruit and assign producers and anchors for NewsWatch 16 sports segments
  • Oversee the ICTV Sports Vault media server
  • Manage the two ICTV sports rig cameras and other equipment reservations through the ICTV Checkout Center for sports-based shows
  • Coordinate with other media outlets to share sports footage
  • Serve as member of the ICTV executive staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff