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David Owens

David Owens

Where is he from?

  • Liverpool, NY
  • What is his favorite kitchen utensil?

  • Tea Kettle
  • Who is he?

  • David Owens is a senior television-radio student and member of the honors program. In addition to his duties on the executive staff, Owens is a producer for Newswatch 16. He has been a member of the board since his sophomore year, previously serving as Director of Web Development. On the rare occasion that he is not in the Park School, he is probably going on a run or listening to NPR.

  • What does the Programming Director do?

    The Programming Director is responsible for the on-air day-to-day operation of the station and its programming.

    Essential Duties:

    • Develop and distribute weekly programming schedule for ICTV
    • Monitor ICTV content by ensuring that it is appropriate as described in the ICTV Handbook
    • Work with producers and staff in setting deadlines for episode submissions
    • Work with Director of Publicity, Director of On-Air Promotions and Director of Web Development to ensure special ICTV broadcast promotions are coordinated
    • Oversee the operations of the Master Control Supervisor
    • Oversee the operations of the Digital Media Manager
    • Work with producers and Director of Technical Operations in scheduling ICTV studio show space
    • Serve as member of the ICTV execute staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff