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Sally Young

Sally Young

Where is she from?

  • Goshen, NY
  • What is her favorite kitchen utensil?

  • Ice Cream Spoon
  • Who is she?

  • Sally began working on Newswatch 16 as a freshman and found a wonderful community. ICTV quickly became the most important part of her college experience and she is thrilled to be serving on the Executive Staff this year!  In addition to television broadcast, Sally also loves making documentaries as well as studying French culture and language, and hopes to return to France after graduation.

  • What does the News Director do?

    The News Director is responsible for overseeing ICTV’s primary news program, Newswatch 16.

    Essential Duties:

    • Appoint a technical coordinator to handle the technical aspects of all Newswatch 16 productions, including the coordination of technical crew
    • Appoint assistant producers, reporters, and anchors for Newswatch 16
    • Produce and direct content for the show ensuring that the show show follows best professional practices
    • Lead critiques of the show after each broadcast
    • Manage equipment reservations through the ICTV Checkout Center for news-based shows
    • Serve as member of the ICTV execute staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff