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Emily Graham

Emily Graham

Where is she from?

  • Buffalo, NY
  • What is her favorite kitchen utensil?

  • Egg Slicer
  • Who is she?

  • Her name is Emily but she will answer to “hey, you.” She has a fascination with all things sci-fi and anything video game related. Emily is trying to learn about this business called filmmaking but is still holding onto her childhood dream of being Spiderman. Life goals include being two inches taller.

  • What does the Director of On-Air Promotions do?

    The Director of On-Air Promitons creates and updates on-air video promotions for ICTV, its shows and services of public interest.

    Essential Duties:

    • Create promotional material for ICTV and its programs
    • Work with producers and staff in creating deadlines for show promotions
    • Seek out public service announcements to be aired on ICTV
    • Respond to requests for creating promotional video material from on-campus and off-campus organizations intended for airing on ICTV
    • Work with the Director of Publicity to coordinate video promotions for ICTV
    • Create the ICTV Rush Night video to promote the station and its shows
    • Serve as member of the ICTV execute staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff