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Lucas Gradwohl

Lucas Gradwohl

Where is he from?

  • Arlington, MA
  • What is his favorite kitchen utensil?

  • Wisk
  • Who is he?

  • Lucas is a TVR major with a concentration in media production. He started working in TV back in 2005 at his local cable access station before moving on to Ithaca College. Lucas love live television production and after graduation, he hopes to be a broadcast engineer.

  • What does the Digital Media Manager do?

    The Digital Media Manager is responsible for overseeing ICTV’s video archives.

    Essential Duties:

    • Manage ICTV’s digital archives in a uniform organizational system
    • Work towards digitizing ICTV’s tape library to ensure the longevity of the archives
    • Prepare individual submission guides for each ICTV show, working with the Director of Technical Operations to set technical standards
    • Work with producers to make sure that episode submissions meet technical standards
    • Report to the Director of Programming on technical approval of episodes
    • Work with producers and staff in setting and enforcing deadlines for episode submissions
    • Serve as member of the ICTV executive staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff